📢 Big announcement today. DeFi For You staking has allowed the community to benefit from generous daily rewards in return for locking up their tokens. Of course, with a limited token supply, these rewards can’t last forever.

🚨 New staking contracts on DeFi For You will be coming to an…

It’s Friday again. Time for an update from the DeFi For You team. A lot of what we have going on now regarding partnerships can’t be announced yet, although we will be making some juicy announcements in mid-October.

🔸 DeFi For You Pawn Incoming

Development on the pawnbroking features of DeFi For You are coming along…

Cryptocurrency has been tried and tested as a speculative asset for trading. DeFi has made it possible to earn passive income from crypto without considering movements in the price of assets.

DFY and DIG combine to build a model that earns you a daily income, while also protecting you in…

DeFi For You - Official

Crypto pawn brokerage and peer-to-peer lending. Pawn NFTs and more. Built on the Binance Smart Chain.

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