DeFi For You: Quarterly Update

DeFi For You - Official
2 min readAug 2, 2021


DeFi For You has had an incredible few months.

First and foremost, the DeFi For You P2P lending platform is now live and we’ve done more than 100 loans so far! You can see it in action at

The team is working on the ‘Hard NFT’ pawn features, which will allow people to turn physical assets like watches, cars, art, and diamonds into NFTs, which can then be used as collateral for DeFi loans!

This will be in beta quite soon and will be launched fully in mid-September. The development team is working from home, but spirits are high and progress is constant.

Some incredible milestones for August

Indacoin API integration, which will allow people to buy DFY with Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. This will allow users to buy DFY tokens with ease. The transactions will go through PancakeSwap, ensuring the purchases have a positive effect on price.

Dig Chain is live in testnet, and will be completing a final testnet this week, before the big launch of the Dig blockchain. The DIG coin airdrop will follow shortly thereafter.

The Dig Chain testnet is currently the most connected testnet ever created, linking up to 8 blockchains through IBC (inter-blockchain communication) protocols on Cosmos SDK.

👌 We partnered with SrnArt Gallery, an NFT staking platform that will be creating official DeFi For You NFTs. Partnerships with other BSC-based projects will increase the strength of DeFi For You and the Binance Smart Chain.

👊 We’ve almost completed some arduous legal work to ensure that DeFi For You is viewed favourably by regulators. It’s essential to do this with the SEC, FCA, and others putting a lot of pressure on crypto projects these days.

✋ We’re now the official sponsor of British female boxer Natasha Jonas, who is aiming for the World Title in New York’s Madison Square Garden later this year! She was narrowly beaten by Irish Katie Taylor earlier this year and is well up for a comeback.

Onwards and upwards

The next quarter is set to be even bigger for DeFi For You as we continue to build, launch, and grow our network.

The launch of DIG will change the way real estate is viewed by blockchain enthusiasts. We already have some incredible support from other projects in the Cosmos ecosystem, announcements about which will come soon.

The DeFi For You Hard NFT feature is all about bringing physical assets to DeFi. It’s about to get very hot in here! 🔥



DeFi For You - Official

Crypto pawn brokerage and peer-to-peer lending. Pawn NFTs and more. Built on the Binance Smart Chain.