DeFi For You | What’s New in October?

It’s Friday again. Time for an update from the DeFi For You team. A lot of what we have going on now regarding partnerships can’t be announced yet, although we will be making some juicy announcements in mid-October.

Development on the pawnbroking features of DeFi For You are coming along smoothly. The website is currently under maintenance so that the NFT pawn features can be connected. These features will then be live in October.

DeFi pawn will be a new and innovative concept in the crypto space.

We’re expanding our Evaluator network in the UK and elsewhere so borrowers can send physical goods to be securely stored and tokenized, with the resulting Hard NFTs being used as collateral for crypto loans.

This is our unique selling point for DeFi For You and we’re very excited to be almost ready to launch it!

DeFi For You is in talks with a major international pawnbroker company to partner and bring their many stores into our ecosystem. This will greatly expand the reach of our platform.

Our development team leader Duong Thanh Tung is working on a new integration that will be announced on October 12th. This is a big piece of news for DeFi For You as it the project being integrated is one of the most recognized in the crypto industry!

A team has been assigned to build the lending pools on DeFi For You throughout October and November. These pools will allow users to deposit crypto assets into a pool and claim interest as a result of borrowers taking from the pool.

These pools will use an algorithm to determine the APY that users receive from their deposited assets, as well as how much interest borrowers from the pools will have to pay.

DeFi For You will have TWO NFT marketplaces:

👉 First will be the Hard NFT Pawn Marketplace. This is where users can find Hard NFTs (representing underlying physical assets) that borrowers want to get a loan against. You’ll also be able to buy Hard NFTs in this marketplace and redeem the physical asset, while subsequently burning the NFT.

👉 The second NFT marketplace will allow you to buy and sell purely digital NFTs. Both of these marketplaces will be under construction for the coming weeks.

So as you can see, DeFi For You is getting very into building on its platform. There will be a steady stream of new features added to the platform in the coming months.

DeFi For You will no doubt be the most interesting attraction at the NPA Conference this October.

This coincides with the National Pawnbrokers Association Conference on October 24th where we will be representing DeFi For You to pawnbrokers around the UK.

We’ll have some great marketing materials ready for the conference, as well as a functioning crypto pawn platform!

Dig Chain is entering Testnet 4, which is literally just a test version of mainnet. Mainnet will also ship the Dig Wallet and the Block Explorer for Dig. Once testnet 4 is shipped, the stage will be set for a mainnet launch of Dig Chain.

Dig’s testnet 4 will search for any possible bugs prior to mainnet launch, ensuring a smooth and secure blockchain is shipped.

We’re now in the process of connecting with real estate developers to bring the first Dig geo-fenced sub-chain into life as well.

Dig Chain is already getting a lot of interest from developers in the Cosmos ecosystem and elsewhere.

And more that we can’t announce yet…

As CMO, I wish I could just tell you everything that we have going on, but I can’t. Agreements and practices mean that we have to wait for certain announcements and negotiations.

We’re talking to some incredible projects and key people in the space and working to create a deal that will bring DeFi For You to a whole new level.

Exciting times lay ahead. Onwards and Upwards!



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