DIG and DFY: A Model For Income Replacement

Cryptocurrency has been tried and tested as a speculative asset for trading. DeFi has made it possible to earn passive income from crypto without considering movements in the price of assets.

DFY and DIG combine to build a model that earns you a daily income, while also protecting you in the event of a sustained bear market.

DIG coins will be staked via Keplr wallet infrastructure, with an annual return of 70%, which can be claimed in DIG. These interest payments can then be compounded in the following ways:

  1. Re-staking the interest to earn even more interest.
  2. Swap 50% of the DIG earned into OSMO and put it into the DIG/OSMO liquidity pool to earn more interest.
  3. Swap the DIG into ATOM via Osmosis DEX, then transfer the ATOM to any exchange and sell for stablecoins like USDT/USDC.
  4. Deposit USDT into DeFi For You to lend out to another user and claim stablecoin/DFY interest payments.
  5. Use these interest payments to issue more loans or swap them into ATOM and bring them back into the Osmosis DEX for staking and liquidity pools once again.

As you can see, the options for compounding the interest from your DIG and DFY is quite large.

And if the market crashes? Move some of your assets into a stablecoin like USDT and start lending on DeFi For You. In a bearish market, people will have crypto that has depreciated in value and they’ll want to borrow against it to buy the dips. You can lend that money to them via your own personal lending business DeFi For You.

💎 In this way, holding DFY and DIG allows you to gather an income in both bull and bear markets. 💎

How to use DIG?

If you received DIG coins in the airdrop then you’ll be waiting for the Dig Wallet to see your coins in a proper user interface. The Dig Wallet is being tweaked now and will be released soon, then Dig Chain will appear in Keplr wallet.

👉 The staking for DIG coins will occur in Keplr, where ATOM, OSMO, CRO, and many others have their own staking infrastructure located.

Once you’ve staked your DIG, you’ll be able to vote on governance proposals via the Keplr infrastructure. Voting allows you to have a say in how real estate projects on Dig Chain are developed, as well as how future changes to the blockchain are implemented.

👉 You can look at https://wallet.keplr.app/#/osmosis/governance to understand how the UI of the DIG wallet and voting infrastructure will look and operate.

Dig Chain Real Estate Partnerships

Dig Chain is currently in talks with several people regarding the first development for the chain.

Dig Chain is a community-centred project, meaning you can found your own fork of Dig Chain in your home region and secure your own real estate developments to be governed by the chain.

If you can find developers with real estate projects looking to move onto the blockchain, you’ll help the project grow and will be rewarded for doing so.



Crypto pawn brokerage and peer-to-peer lending. Pawn NFTs and more. Built on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Crypto pawn brokerage and peer-to-peer lending. Pawn NFTs and more. Built on the Binance Smart Chain.