Dig Litepaper: $280 Trillion of Real Estate Yet To Enter Blockchain

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3 min readJul 8, 2021


$280 trillion of global real estate has yet to enter the blockchain.

DIG — Decentralized Finance Governance — and its native Dig Chain are soon going to launch. There will be a monster airdrop to accompany this.

But what exactly is Dig Chain?

First, it can govern the DeFi For You platform. But that’s only a tiny piece of the pie.

Dig Chain can do much more than simply manage a DeFi lending platform. DeFi For You allows crypto loans against Hard NFTs with underlying physical assets attached to them.

One of the most ideal assets to loan against is real estate. But $280 Trillion worth of real estate cannot find its way onto the blockchain — until now.

We bring you: Dig.

Dig: Reshaping Real Estate Governance

Dig will bring real estate onto the blockchain in a way no one has ever done before. At its core, Dig addresses the regulatory roadblocks standing between real estate and the blockchain.

The Problem:

It is difficult to collaboratively own and manage real estate for profit — especially across borders. This can’t be done with a single chain or set of rules because of unique regional regulatory problems.

The Solution:

  • A network of jurisdictionally compartmentalized blockchains that fund real estate development in local markets, for example: Dig Vietnam / Dig UK / Dig Belarus.
  • All of these sub-chains will all operate under Dig, each one able to comply with local regulations.
  • An NFT standard that allows for the fractional ownership of digital or physical items.
  • A high-touch, local team in every relevant market.

In short, Dig will comply with local regulations in each country it operates within, allowing it to gradually expand as the regulatory framework of each country develops.

Dig IBC Map:

The Dig Airdrop

DFY holders on Binance Smart Chain (BSC):

  • 1:1 for liquid DFY.
  • 1:1.5 for staked DFY.

Buy and stake DFY tokens to be in the best position for the DIG airdrop.

BSC Users:

  • A % of supply based on the total USD value of a wallet.

Tron Users:

  • A % of supply based on the total USD value of a wallet.

Blurt, Akash*, and Gaia users:


Dig is currently undergoing testing and will launch into favourable market conditions.

We’re developing in a manner that provides us with a launch-ready version at each step.

The dig airdrop contract will be deployed shortly.

A chain with unlimited potential

Dig Chain can fundamentally change the ownership model of property in various regions of the world.

Even if a fraction of the world’s $280 trillion worth of real estate finds its way onto Dig, it will become one of the most significant blockchains on the market right now.

The ability to trade or loan against real estate in minutes, rather than months, will transform this currently illiquid asset for the better.

Not only this, but property investment will be opened up to millions of people who can’t afford to buy an entire property, but can afford to buy a fraction of one represented as an NFT.

Dig Chain will democratize property governance, investment, and ownership. In doing so, it will open the door for $280 trillion worth of global real estate to enter the blockchain.

Make sure you’re ready for the DIG coin airdrop in July —buy and stake DFY tokens to get the most DIG coins in the airdrop.



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