Dig Litepaper: $280 Trillion of Real Estate Yet To Enter Blockchain

$280 trillion of global real estate has yet to enter the blockchain.

Dig: Reshaping Real Estate Governance

Dig will bring real estate onto the blockchain in a way no one has ever done before. At its core, Dig addresses the regulatory roadblocks standing between real estate and the blockchain.

The Problem:

It is difficult to collaboratively own and manage real estate for profit — especially across borders. This can’t be done with a single chain or set of rules because of unique regional regulatory problems.

The Solution:

  • A network of jurisdictionally compartmentalized blockchains that fund real estate development in local markets, for example: Dig Vietnam / Dig UK / Dig Belarus.
  • All of these sub-chains will all operate under Dig, each one able to comply with local regulations.
  • An NFT standard that allows for the fractional ownership of digital or physical items.
  • A high-touch, local team in every relevant market.

Dig IBC Map:

The Dig Airdrop

DFY holders on Binance Smart Chain (BSC):

  • 1:1 for liquid DFY.
  • 1:1.5 for staked DFY.

BSC Users:

  • A % of supply is based on the total USD value of a wallet.

Tron Users:

  • A % of supply is based on the total USD value of a wallet.

Blurt, Akash*, and Gaia users:


Dig is currently undergoing testing and will launch into favourable market conditions.

A chain with unlimited potential

Dig Chain can fundamentally change the ownership model of property in various regions of the world.

Even if a fraction of the world’s $280 trillion worth of real estate finds its way onto Dig, it will become one of the most significant blockchains on the market right now.



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