Staking Ends, Farming Begins | DeFi For You

📢 announcement today. DeFi For You staking has allowed the community to benefit from generous daily rewards in return for locking up their tokens. Of course, with a limited token supply, these rewards can’t last forever.

🚨 New staking contracts on DeFi For You will be coming to an end on Wednesday 17th November at 12pm UTC 🚨

This means the next two days will be the last time chance to enter into a staking contract with DeFi For You and get up to 25% rewards on your DFY.

The end of DeFi For You staking contracts will not affect existing stakers, so don’t worry if you currently have DFY staked — your rewards will remain the same until the end of your staking contract.

Announcing DFY farming

DeFi For You will be partnering with projects in the Binance Smart Chain community and elsewhere to allow farming of DFY, as well as other tokens via liquidity pools. Farming offers attractive rewards for those who partake in it, plus these pools add liquidity to the DFY economy — this benefits all holders of the DFY token.

Liquidity pools have several benefits:

🔸 New audiences buy DFY tokens to place them in pools
🔸 Strong bonds are built with other projects via pools
🔸 Increased liquidity strengthens the DFY ecosystem
🔸 Attractive rewards to those who farm
🔸 Increased exposure for DFY

Details of farming pairs will be announced in the coming weeks and we expect pools to be launched in early December.

Stay tuned.



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